1. 7 Poems and Some Tinnitus
    Hsia Yu & Yan Jun

  2. Bottom
    Goh Lee Kwang

  3. Anti Social Realism

  4. Awaking
    Yan Yulong & Liu Xinyu Duo

  5. Donau
    Tim Blechmann & Soviet Pop

  6. Huangpu
    Olaf Hochherz & Soviet Pop

  7. truth, exercise for a listener
    martijn tellinga

  8. voice
    dave phillips

  9. Music For Listening On The Moon
    Yan Jun

  10. 23 Formes en Elastique / The Only Authentic Work
    Lionel Marchetti + Yan Jun

  11. Noise
    Various Artist

  12. Soundscape China
    Laurent Jeannea

  13. Big Can
    Various Artist

  14. Untitled
    Lao Yang

  15. untitled 89
    tim blechmann & manuel knapp

  16. Try It On For Size

  17. Wormhole Trip OST
    Yan Jun

  18. Live at Waterland Kwanyin
    Li Zenghui

  19. Two Rooms
    Various Artist

  20. Watching
    Olaf Hochherz

  21. Live in China

  22. I Know How You Frown
    Alles3 (Nicholas Bussmann + Toshimaru Nakamura)

  23. Burned Blue Print
    Ruan Qianrui

  24. V
    Yan Jun

  25. Wood Wind Tide

  26. Live At Waterland Kwanyin
    Zbigniew Karkowski, Li Chin Sung, Wang Fan, Fannullone

  27. Short-Wave of Bengal Bay

  28. Handcraft
    Various Artist

  29. Live At 2PI Festival
    Pisces Iscariots (Dajuin Yao, Li Jianhong, Yan Jun)

  30. An

  31. Microwave
    Wu Quan

  32. The Beginning of The Beginning of The Beginning...
    Jun-Y Ciao

  33. Impossible
    Yan Jun + FM3

  34. Normality Envision

  35. View
    Wu Quan

  36. YELLOW

  37. Improvisation In Shanghai
    Other Two Comrades + Yan Jun + Topfloor Circus

  38. timbre
    tim blechmann

  39. forgotten T-shirt

  40. Aitar II

  41. Yesterday
    Yan Jun

  42. Oral Works
    Various Artist

  43. Noise As A Language
    Helmut Schäfer

  44. Tropoi
    Olaf Hochherz

  45. At
    Yan Jun

  46. Background (of Chinese Sound Art)

  47. Noise Is Free / Mini Midi 2008

  48. Music For Museum

  49. 购物乐 Music for Shopping Malls
    718, yan jun, zafka

  50. Favourite Beijing Sounds
    Peter Cusack

  51. 雅集3 索尔维其之歌 yaji 3 solveigs lied

  52. Five Elements
    Wang Fan

  53. Infinite Loop
    Wang Fan

  54. Viva La Vaches!
    Tie Guan Yin Duo

  55. Painter

  56. Sound of Meditation Within The Body
    Wang Fan

  57. Live
    Other Two Comrades + Yan Jun

  58. Mrs. Rice

  59. 7.9

  60. The Man Who Hate The Shadow
    Panda Twin

  61. Noises Inside

  62. 杂项 misc


Sub Jam Beijing, China

Sub Jam is a label and organization based in Beijing. Since 2000, it had working on underground music, film and literature. Now focus on improvised music and experimental sound practice. Its sub-label, Kwanyin Records starts since 2004.

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